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ViVienne founded by KUCHII Jun and KURIKAWA Yohei who won the Best Entrepreneur award at Student Entrepreneur Competition, Tokyo in 2007.

We provide Hardware and Software solutions includes motion capture system and AR devices.

If you want to make an appointment with US, to contact 3D-GAN is better. becouse we are small and start-up.

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Send E-mail ViVienne "innovation at v-sys dot jp".

QUMA:3D Motion Capture Figure


Manipulate a 3D-CG character by just your fingertips !

What is QUMA ?

QUMA will enable everyone to manipulate human-like characters in the computer without necessity of any expert training for 3D-CG software operation. QUMA is the best solution for not only composing 3D illustrates and animations but also controlling a character in 3D-game software.

There are several angle sensors on each joints to capture a pose of the figurine. The pose data will be transmitted via USB cable to the computer in real-time. Thus you can import the pose data into software, for example, 3D-CG applications or 3D games instantly and immediately.

For details, please watch the above video.

It was created by KUCHII Jun(CEO of ViVienne), KURIKAWA Youhei(CTO of ViVienne), ITOH Takao(Softether corp), NOBORI Daiyuu(CEO of Softether corp) and Celsys.


MUROTO: tangible figure as a controller for Smart Phone


Let's play a GAME with Figures !

What is MUROTO ?

Muroto is a library to make tangible interface with multitouch device such as iPad.

It was created on 2010-05-23 by KUCHII Jun(CEO of ViVienne) and Dr. NISHIO Hirokazu.



Let's play a GAME with Figures !

It was created on 2011-12-18 by KUCHII Jun(CEO of ViVienne), Dr. NISHIO Hirokazu, Dr. UEDA Masafumi and NAKAYAMA Shinta.